Authenticity. Original Indian recipes,
typical aromas, a touch of exoticism...
we have the real Indian taste.

Vegetarian and vegan products.
The product range of Schani includes
only vegetarian and vegan products.

Natural ingredients. The products contain
selected ingredients and are depending on
Product group free of additives.


Join Mr. Singh

Fascinating, exotic, full of wonders - join Mr. Singh on his culinary journey through India and join him in getting to know some of the country's most traditional dishes and ingredients that make cooking and enjoying with Schani's products an unforgettable dining experience.


Let Schani take you on a culinary journey through India


The idea behind Schani is much more than just making Indian cuisine popular in Europe. Schani represents real Indian culture and brings the unique culture of Indian cuisine , which is steeped in tradition, to your home. Schani represents tradition, authenticity gives you the feeling of being closer to India than ever before.

For us, Introducing real Indian cuisine, high quality products, authentic dishes and the distinctive Indian variety of flavours to European cuisine means much than just offering products which resemble Indian cuisine. There is a real passion behind selecting the authentic ingredients which you need to make real Indian dishes. Schani represents original Indian recipes, typical flavours, a hint of the exotic and real Indian treat for your taste buds.

With Schani you can enjoy the cuisine that embodies the mysterious wonderful character of India.