Mr. Singh´s journey through India


An impressive land full of experiences, tradition and wonder - India.  With almost unlimited sources of inspiration, Mr Singh went in search of the most authentic and exotic dishes for Schani, to bring the real India into your home.

Accompany Mr Singh on his unique journey through the Indian culture and share in his experiences. Breathtaking flavours, spices and recipes and a route which leads him through the whole of India for Schani. - from Punjab to Delhi, Rajasthan and Mumbai through to Goa 



First destination: Punjab

Mr Singh starts his journey for Schani in the north of India and learns about the state of Punjab. Amazed by the culinary diversity of the area, also known as the “breadbasket of India”, one of the most common dishes of this region is the lentil dish Dal Makhani, a real culinary delight. A combination of Urad lentils, kidney beans and a rich tomato and cream sauce. The very popular Basmati rice, also known as “king of rice” also originates from Punjab.




Second destination: Delhi

From Punjab, Mr Singh heads south to the sprawling city of Delhi.  Mr Singh was especially impressed by one of the typical dishes of this region, which is heavily influenced by both the muslim Mughlai cuisine and the typical Punjab cuisine: Chana Masala A lentil dish which is traditionally served here with Roti flatbread Another treat for the taste buds is the very versatile Tikka Masala, an aromatic tomato cream sauce.




Third destination: Rajasthan

After the culinary delicacies in Punjab and Delhi, Mr Singh now enjoys another aspect of Indian culinary art in the state of Rajasthan, which literally translated means “Land of kings” The capital city Jaipur and its architecture are not the only things that suggest that this name was not chosen randomly. The culinary delights also suggest this: It is not only the Indian palate which is delighted by the whole host of fine dishes, typical of this region. The exotic Sultan Sauce and the world famous Maharaja Sauce have an excellent reputation which extends far beyond the borders of India.




Fourth destination: Mumbai

The fourth stage takes Mr Singh to the largest city in India: Mumbai  Along with poppadom crisps made from lentil flour and the popular Bombay Curry Sauce, Mr Singh discovered the most famous dish from this city: the original Indian curry.  He discovered that in India “Curry” is not a spice, but is more of a way of preparing a dish.  It was not only the sheer number of varieties of curry dishes that impressed Mr Singh, it was a clear demonstration, that Indian cuisine thrives on spices and flavour.




Fifth destination: Goa

The coastal state of Goa is the last destination on the culinary journey and Mr Singh was especially impressed by a classic Indian dish: curry, which, with the addition of Goa Curry Sauce becomes a special taste sensation. Coconut milk, yoghurt, tomatoes and cream form the basis of this traditional dish, which is transformed by the special blend of spices into a unique delicacy.

In Goa, Mr Singh enjoyed the last leg of his journey for Schani and finished the last stage with a leisurely evening, tasting poppadom snacks together with another Indian highlight. Tiger Sauce made from mangoes and chilli.

A journey packed with experiences

A journey of indulgent moments ends for Mr Singh under the palm trees. The memories of this journey will stay with him for a long time and the culinary discoveries will soon be impressing the palates of our European friends. 


On his return to Germany, Mr. Singh had a special present prepared for Schani: Inspirational impressions,
original recipes and a wealth of ideas to let a piece of India enter into your kitchen.