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Indian flavours, exotic fragrances, inspirational culinary experiences which enable the spirit and the body to make a journey to the home to India, this is what Family Bhandari were missing when they moved to Germany in the 1980s.



For the Indian family, culinary enjoyment means much more than just eating. In the Indian culture, eating brings body and soul together in harmony. Indian people are well known for their inner balance, and eating is a part of this balance.



The longing for traditional Indian ingredients, spices and flavours can not simply be attributed to home sickness. The idea of introducing real Indian products and authentic recipes from this far away exotic land into European cuisine and their new homeland Germany was born, and developed rapidly. The unique Indian cuisine not only gave the Bhandari family a piece of their beloved homeland, but it also satisfied the culinary longing of all fans of this special taste sensation.



A passion was born from this idea: remain authentic and introduce the real India into European cuisine. From then on, the family business worked under the brand name Schani to turn this idea into a reality. Flavours, spices, ingredients and recipes - as traditional as possible, as Indian as possible. Refined dishes, fascinating aromas and exotic blends.




Schani has always been synonymous with real India. The carefully chosen products and ingredients, turn cooking and enjoying into a real experience. From the basic ingredients, which turn cooking into an exotic experience for fans of Indian food, right up to ready meals. which allow you to conjure up a real highlight on your table without a lot of preparation - with the family business Schani, you can travel through India in a unique manner.



Schani’s products not only satisfied the Bhandari family’s culinary longing for their homeland, but at the same time they conjured up a touch of India with their high quality products and original Indian recipes.

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