Pastes & sauces  

Schani cooking pastes and sauces are creamy sauces full of flavour. They give the flavour of your dish a certain something & only take a few minutes to prepare. They offer the consumer a culinary taste sensation and the opportunity to add their favourite meat or vegetables to the dish.

The recipes used in Schani products were produced in close co operation with the Bhandari family. Experience and tradition means that they have an authentic Indian flavour which has been adapted to suit the European palate.



Bombay Sauce

Butter Chicken. This mild and creamy curry sauce with tomatoes, yoghurt...



Delhi Sauce

Tikka Masala. A classic cooking sauce with strained tomatoes...



Goa Sauce

Korma. A creamy-sweet curry sauce with...



Royal Milde curry spice paste

A mildly spiced curry...




Royal Tikka spice paste

An aromatic spiced curry paste...



Schani Dips offer an exotic range of flavours - right through from sweet to hot and fruity, - there is something for everybody. They can be used as a dip for crisps or vegetable sticks,or put them into any exotic marinades, you can also combine them with any ready meal of your choice.


Original Indian Curry ketchup

The pop-star! A versatile dip with a mix of...



Tiger Sauce

The strong one! Fruity-hot mango chilli...



Maharaja Sauce

The majestic one! Tangy-sweet date tamarind...



Sultan Sauce

The prince! Fruity sweet mango dip...


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